Replica components for your high fidelity simulators and trainers. Dummy ammunition, flight simulator cockpits, ejector seats, other simulator hardware and more.  MSE offers a wide range of equipment replicas for different purposes.
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MSE Gripen ejector seats simulator

Gripen ejector seats
Exact replica of the ejector seat in the Gripen fighter. Characteristics, such as seat stiffness, tactile feel in handles and switches and firing handle response are very similar to the original seat.

MSE Gripen cockpit replica

Cockpit replicas
Single and double seated Gripen cockpit replica for use in dome simulators.

MSE Dummy ammunition

Dummy ammunition
The dummy ammunition is a part of MSE comprehensive range of training equipment. It is intended for the training of the logistics support chain. The dummy ammunition has exactly the same properties as the ”real” type. The weight, center of gravity and dimensions are exactly the same.
It is manufactured with a glass-fibre reinforced shell withstanding rough handling in the field. The ammunition may be used through the complete support chain. All way from storage, via transportation and magazine, all the way to the weapon. It may even be loaded into the barrel.

MSE Ammunition rack replica

Ammunition rack replica
Designed to withstand the heavy wear and tear training equipment is exposed to.