Anti-aircraft surveillance simulator hardware platform.

MSE Giraffe Radar Trainer

The PS-90 is an example of tailor-made mock-ups of MSE. The unit is an exact replica of the Saab Microwave Giraffe radar-operators console, adapted to simulation use. It is designed to give the exact feeling and behavior as the original device. Great attention have been given to maximise similarity in respect of:

• Tactile feel.
• Visual similarity.
• Handling.

MSE Giraffe Radar Trainer

Adapted to simulation demands
In order to adapt to the demands of simulation environment the unit has a number of improvements compared to the original design:

• Improved wear resistance. To handle the high intensity usage of simulation equipment.
• Environmental conditions. Adapted to indoor use for high cost effectiveness.
• CRT display. For easy interfacing to modern computer equipment.
• Bus-based I/O interface for data collection.
• Easy to service and maintain.
• Low cost.
• Simple simulator interface.

Technical description
The PS-90 Radar-operators console is a full replica emulating the Ericsson Giraffe. The unit consists of following basic components.

• Radar-table with key-panels, trackballs, indicators and actuators.
• CRT display. VGA compatible.
• Bus-based I/O system.

• Industrial PC I/O computer for data collection, signal conditioning and interface to simulation host.
• Audio system.
• Electronic interface circuits.
• 19” Computer rack with spare space for simulation computer.
• Interface software.