Micael and Carina Schmitz, owners of MSE Weibull AB, are choosen to be the “Entrepreneurs of the year” in Elmhult, Sweden.

Yesterday evening the “Entrepreneur of the year” in Elmhult was announced. Half owner of MSE, Micael Schmitz, was choosen and under ceremonial circumstances diplomas and flowers were handed over by the jury. In the speech of thanks Micael held up that he is not seeing the prize as his own as the life as an entrepreneur is in close connection with the life as a father and husband. His existence is described as a part of the team “wife and husband” and therefore Carina Schmitz, the other half owner of MSE, also shall take pride in the prize.

The motivation of the jury reads:
“Mikael Schmitz is a dynamic entrepreneur in the electronics line of business and he possesses a broad competence. His particular strength is the knowledge of both electronics and mechanics and his company, MSE, he often mentioned as a modern invention workshop. Mikael is also an inspiring person and family father with opinions in most matters. He is also a faithful inhabitant of Elmhult and has a great engagement in the local society and its associations.

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