MSE Service and support
MSE Engineering
MSE Service and support

The training equipment specialist
MSE is your simulation platform provider, offering simulation hardware platforms meeting the highest quality demands. Our work is characterized by innovative and long-term thinking. We are integrators of the latest technology available on the market, adapting it to the extensive training use simulators are exposed to. We see the possibilities instead of the problems and we invent the detail that becomes vital to the success of a product or a system.

Thanks to our independence we are able to co-operate with all major suppliers of military equipment. Our organisation is formed to enable quick and economic design, production and support of the hardware required in different types of military training systems.

During the years MSE has become famous for always delivering on time! Well established processes for continuous improvement ensures great customer satisfaction and high quality products.

Network building - user centered development
With the end user in focus, MSE co-operates and interacts with all parties within a project. We act as the integrator and link between sub-contractors, partners, customers and end users to create the most versatile, user friendly and cost-effective product.

In-house competences and services
MSE offers services for the entire product life cycle. We have the following in-house competences:
• Project management.
• Quality and configuration management.
• System safety management.
• Systems engineering.
• Mechanical, electronic, electrical engineering.
• Software engineering.
• Prototyping.
• Small serial production.
• Verification and testing.
• Technical documentation.
• Instruction and maintenance manuals.
• Training.
• Support and service.
• Spare parts deliveries.