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Business concept

MSE Engineering is a competent and highly 

innovative partner that is widely appreciated for its advanced system solutions.

MSE Engineering offers system solutions within the sectors of production, test and training in civilian and military markets.

Our customers are industry leaders, institutions and government authorities in Sweden and internationally.

The Virtual Theatre and the Omnidirectional treadmill

The hardware link between the Live and Virtual domains

Literally step into and explore the virtual environment without restrictions from boundaries within the real world.

The Virtual Theatre system facilitates omnidirectional unrestricted walking in the infinite virtual environment, within a finite real world footprint. With physical and potentially psychological strain, the training effect is raised.


Based on the revolutionary invention of the omnidirectional floor, training, education and sciences can now benefit from a natural interface where unlimited physical movement in any direction is possible. The increased immersion means that a giant leap towards convergence of the real and the virtual world has been taken.

​A complete training system to immerse the user into the virtual environment

The Virtual Theatre from MSE is based on the omnidirectional floor. It may be configured with optional ad-ons, such as a the following:

- Visual (360 degrees seamless projection

- Audio (surround sound system)

- Motion (platform for Z, pitch, roll and vibration)

- Thermal (heating and cooling)

- Wind, smoke, flash, heat radiation

- Body tracking (unlimited number of positions/segments with highest accuracy)

- Weapons interface

The Virtual Theatre Omnidirectional floor

Shown to the public at ITEC 2011 for the first time, the Virtual Theatre made great success.

A whole range of applications

The Virtual Theatre is designed to be integrated in any application, with open interfaces. Application examples of the low-cost, modular and scaleable system are:

- Small arms trainers

- Dismounted infantry groups

- FAC trainers

- Firefighting trainers

- Escape and evacuation

- Hi-end gaming

- Human factors research and much, much more


Contact MSE

To receive further information, please contact us at or by calling us
at +46 (0)476 559 50.